Mungret College Past Pupils Annual Dinner and Golf Results and Gallery – Sept 2022

Dear Member,

See below the results from our golf competition which took place at the weekend. We are breaking with tradition as some of the winners below were unable to attend dinner.

Winners from golf at NENAGH G. C.    2022
1.  Karl Roche.              (21).   40 pts.
2. Con McNamara.        (24).   37 pts.
3. Michael Lynch.          (16).   36 pts.  back 6.
4. Val Goodwin.             (15).   36 pts.  back 9.
5.  Frank Wall.               (16).   36 pts.

Front 9.
Michael Wall.                 (35).   20 pts. last 3.

Back 9.
Paul McCarthy.                (24).    19 pts.

There  was drama outside of the scoring, details of which will be covered in our event report in a few weeks.

We can report however that all records were again broken with 78 past pupils and guests sitting dinner thanks in the main to the turn out from the class of 1972 who were celebrating their 50th anniversary.

Paul Kerrigan
Hon Sec