Mungret Heritage Lecture

Dr Gerard Beggan will give a talk in Mungret College next Tuesday (April 14) at 7.45 pm. Gerry was born in Patrickswell, Co. Limerick, attended Mungret College (1947-52) and lectured in history at UCG. He will give a humourous account account of his days in the College followed by a provocative and illustrated history of the College itself. Admission is free and all are welcome.

Education in Mungret College (1882-1974): Ignoring an underclass; succumbing to events?

The focus of my talk this evening is Education in my Alma Mater, Mungret College, in the period during which it functioned as a Jesuit institution – that is, from 1882 to 1974. Emerging in a political climate under a London government which, weary of incessant inter-church conflicts, sought to give concessions and a legal status to Catholics which would not endanger the position of Protestantism within the United Kingdom, Mungret stepped forward to play many roles as a significant and multi-talented player on the Irish educational stage.

In this talk which is illustrated by a Powerpoint Presentation, I’ll try to bring the religious and economic aspects of that bygone environment to mind, trace Mungret’s various roles over the years, identify some prominent educational personalities relevant to it and recount some colourful incidents. In particular I’ll attempt to share with you some misty memories of life in Mungret classrooms in the post-war years 1947-52 and, finally, set out the overwhelming factors which subsequently obliged the College to close.