Union Installs Computer in the College

The council are pleased to advise that they have installed a computer in the Christian Centre in Mungret College. The computer will allow access to all the annuals plus photos and is a very welcome addition to the facilities there.

William Sheahan of the Christian Centre who led the drive in getting this installed quotes:

“On behalf of the Centre we would like to thank the past pupils for their kind donation of this computer which will allow access to annuals and photos of Mungret College past.

This additional information will greatly enhance the trip down memory lane for our many visitors to the college. Our experience tells us that the demand from those visiting the college seeking information was high in the agenda and to facilitate this requirement now is very welcomed and much appreciated.”

The council would be obliged if past pupils could relay this information to their family, relatives and friends who might be paying a visit to the college in the future and who might want to avail of this service.