Update Developments on the College and the Heritage site

Provided by Nessan O’Donoghue

Heritage Site:

You will be glad to know that we have now uploaded all 850 graves around Mungret Abbey to the Historic Graves website. We divided them into three groups. Mungret Abbey Graveyards; Jesuit Cemetery and St.Nessan;’s Cemetery (the southern extension), To inspect them just google Historic Graves online and then enter Mungret,Ireland under graveyards search.

As you know, it was a costly and time consuming project. Without the generous support of your PPU we could never have completed it.

Development update on the College.

Work on the public park in front of the College will commence shortly as will the building of two primary schools near the western perimeter of the grounds.
A site for a secondary school has been earmarked near the old piggery (also to the west).

The older portion of the College building has been fenced off temporarily by Limerick City & County Council. Falling slates have become a hazard and the fence will remain until the roof is made safe, It is not a pretty sight. Once the roof is mended and the building made burglar proof, it will be mothballed (for about ten years) until the Council can figure out what to do with it! Thank God for Limerick Christian Centre and the wonderful work they have done in conserving the chapel and east wing and for continuing their spiritual role.